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    This stylish, adaptive clothing was first imagined while our Founder and CEO Susanne Shoemaker watched a few senior women in the YMCA locker room struggle to dress after their swimming class. Many were using a grabby stick device, a long reaching tool with pincers on the end to hold their underwear in the air as they guided their feet and legs through the leg-opening. Some didn’t use the unwieldy tool but instead relied on the assistance of a friend. Susanne immediately thought, “There has to be an easier way for differently-abled people to get dressed.” The problem that Susanne saw was not the lack of care, patience, or determination these women had. The problem was their underwear. Standard underwear doesn’t allow a person to dress without having to sit down, balance on one leg, or bend at the knee or hip. Such movements can be challenging, whether due to permanent or temporary issue. UNDERCARE solves these challenges and allows both men and women to dress without stress. Coming from a long line of successful engineers and a higher education in fine art focused on figurative drawing explains Susanne’s interest in solving the mobility issues of the struggling women. disabled clothing for wheelchair users